Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I've been tagged....

Lynn: has tagged me! The rules are that you give 7 weird or random facts about yourself, then tag 7 more blogging friends, leaving a message on their site inviting them to play along. (Like in my earlier post, I don't know anyone well enough yet to tag)
My 7 weird and random facts:
1. My husband had to come and pick me up on our wedding day and take me to the church because my parents didn't want me to get married (I was 22).
2. I have been married for 13 years and in that time I have moved about 16 times. Some of my family have told me they won't write my address down with ink because they know I will move again.
3. This grosses my hubby out but I love to eat cottage cheese with beef stew and I hate to eat fruit with cottage cheese YUCK!!!
4. My husband baptized me after we got married and what's really cool is the church we are at now was given the baptistry that I was baptized in to put in their new building. Although now hubby says he should have held me under a little longer.
5. I have a rock that looks like a potato that my grandpa gave me when I was 8.
6. I don't have my scrap layouts in books yet, I can't find one that I really like, because I want them all to match. My hubby says I'm crazy!!!
7. As soon as I come in from outside I have to take my shoes off, and my children are the same way. Drives hubby crazy!!!


Lynn said...

Awww Susie, I was hoping you would really dish out the dirt! LOL! O.K. the beef stew with cottage cheese....hmmm...that's WEIRD! Those are some fun weird facts about ya! Thanks for playing along!

scrapbooksrme said...

I love your album Susie. I got lucky and got to purchase one from your class. I searched for scrapbook stores in KY and got Melissa. Several of my friends want to get one too. Any chance that you'll be making any more up? Karen

Anonymous said...

Hi Susie
I would love to have the square mat for the CDS in your Vintage Baby Layout. Could you send it to me at
Thank. Love your album and layouts.
JoAnn B.